ADM Highlights Chocolate Expertise at FiE 2009

July 31, 2009

ADM, hall 8, stand E29 and E30, Food Ingredients Europe 2009, 17 – 19 November, Frankfurt, Germany

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) will showcase its wide range of ingredients for diverse needs, including cocoa powders, low saturated frying and baking fats, functional soya products and plant sterols and sterol esters at Food Ingredients Europe 2009. The Company will focus on its growing industrial chocolate capabilities following the recent creation of ADM Schokinag. This recent acquisition advances ADM Cocoa’s expansion into European industrial chocolate production and allows it to better serve its customers with premium quality chocolate solutions.

ADM Cocoa will also highlight its De Zaan® range of high-quality chocolates, cocoa powders, liquors and butters. The Company undertakes the integrated cocoa manufacturing process, from grinding self-procured beans from the world’s major cocoa growing regions, to producing the comprehensive De Zaan range of cocoa ingredients and semi-finished chocolates. This enables it to produce tailored products that cater to changing needs. Ongoing research and development in applications from baked goods to confectionery and dairy means customers can benefit directly from ADM Cocoa’s technical expertise and innovative, customer-focused cocoa solutions.

For the baking, frying and confectionery industries, ADM Oils and Fats will focus on the NovaLipid™ range of oils and fats. This comprehensive portfolio of ingredients includes lower saturated fat and additive-free options, enabling food manufacturers to develop nutritionally balanced foods that meet or surpass Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines. The NovaLipid range has been developed to meet consumer demand for healthier oils and fats, while delivering manufacturers the functional attributes required.

ADM Natural Health and Nutrition will showcase the CardioAid™ range of phytosterols and phytosterol esters, which have approval as novel food ingredients and can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications targeted at reducing blood cholesterol levels. The Company’s Decanox™ mixed tocopherols and Novatol™ natural-source vitamin E will also be highlighted on stand. Visitors can also learn about the health benefits of Novasoy® soya isoflavone concentrates, particularly for women around the time of the menopause, which are suitable for a range of applications including supplements, functional foods and beverages.

ADM Specialty Food Ingredients will focus on its growing portfolio of Arcon® functional soya protein concentrates. Recent additions to the range include Arcon SB, Arcon SL and Arcon SQ, which bring value to a variety of emulsified meat options including sausages, cured meats, hot dogs and kebab meat. The Company will also present its range of soya isolates and concentrates which replace dairy protein in a range of non-meat applications, such as beverages and ice cream.

ADM Milling’s range of high-quality baking ingredients, including white, wholemeal, organic and speciality flours, will also be highlighted at the show. In particular, the Company will feature its new Castleford stone-ground wholemeal flour, which is milled traditionally on authentic French Burr stones to produce premium-quality flour.

Visitors to stands E29 and E30 can taste samples containing ADM’s high-quality, value-added ingredients. ADM sales and technical experts will be on hand to offer applications advice and insights into current and future market opportunities.

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